Positive Kemetic Visions (PKV) is a proactive, community-based Afrikan-centered movement committed to the absolute self-determination and empowerment of Black people throughout the world.

In the spirit of MAAT [Truth, Justice, Righteousness], please do not make unauthorized copies of PKV DVDs. Bootleggers cause PKV enormous harm by robbing us of critical funds that fuel our movement including our community programs. We do not receive or solicit white aid. Help us help our race by supporting this Black “think tank.” We are a self-help movement and our mission is completely dependent on Black financial support.

Negro bootleggers are thieves who make ridiculous excuses in order to profit from someone else's race work. Many of our race giants have suffered as a result of this type of thievery. PKV is willing to form relationships with righteous Black people. PKV media is not difficult to obtain. In fact, we are quite easy to reach - we have a mailing address [P.O. Box 62861, Washington, D.C. 20029], a phone number [202.207.7886 or 207.7892] and a website [].

We are appealing to race responsible Black people to stop purchasing bootlegged materials stolen from other Black people. Bootleggers are unscrupulous Brother and Sisters who don't understand or care about the irreparable financial damage they cause to PKV. We fund our movement through the sale of our DVDs and other products. In order to ensure that you are not buying stolen/pirated PKV DVDs, there are several ways to verify that your DVD is authentic. See the image below for a sample of an authentic PKV DVD. All PKV DVDs:

-are professionally package in a black plastic DVD case with a personalized case cover;

-are imprinted with the PKV logo and DVD title on the front cover;

-denote Positive Kemetic Visions and the DVD title on the spine;

-give a brief description of the content on the back;

-have a preprinted label on each DVD;

-always contain ALL of PKV's contact information on both the DVD and case cover.

Positive Kemetic Visions