Ambushed: The Traumasexual Assault on Straight People

Until 1963 homosexual acts were not only condemned in amerikkka, they were also illegal. Over the last fifty years, gays have had tremendous success in changing the laws, attitudes and ethics of straight people. They have even achieved immunity from criticism of their lifestyle. Normal people who disagree with homosexuality have not only been bullied into accepting same-sex perversions but have also been silenced on this issue. This is quite remarkable considering that only up to 5% of the u.s. population is gay. Homosexuals and the zionist media are relentless. Their ruthless drive to normalize homosexual activities and to recruit our children into this diabolical madness has forced straight people into the closet. It is no longer acceptable to disagree with or even to openly look down on same sex perversions. Western culture has clearly reached unsustainable levels of open immorality. There comes a point when the moral among us must stand strong and say, ‘enough is enough.’ This DVD documents the malicious homosexual assault being waged in order to demoralize straight people and destabilize society. It also exposes the powerful architects of this scheme and offers solutions to fight back.
Ambushed: The Traumasexual Assault on Straight People
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